Screen/Television Writing: I have worked in various writing capacities ranging from screenplay development, coverage and analysis to original screenwriting and ghostwriting for a New York literary agency. Current film/tv screenwriting samples are available for review below and published analysis of  The Handmaid's Tale is available here.Agencies or production companies  interested in coverage or development work, please feel free to contact me directly: Ray Uzwyshyn - ruzwyshyn@gmail.com or (850)725-0266.







1hr. Western TV Drama,

Pilot #1 Santeria Doll: Texas has just become a republic and the Mexican saloon girls must leave San Antonio - this means deporting Willy Houston's exotic lover, Maria del Carmen. This new millennia Western weaves contemporary themes and a South Texas multicultural character universe to revitalize the Western for contemporary times. The Classic Western meets 21st Century Anti-Immigration Laws!

Pilot: Santeria Doll, Writer: Ray Uzwyshyn, 2018

Episode #2 Witches of Bexar County: The fall harvest has arrived and the San Antonio saloon girls reclaim magic feminine powers of Demeter/Persephone with the arrival of a mysterious figure, the Gun maker and little boy, Angel. The Witches of Bexar County interweaves a feisty saloon keeper, hard-nosed Sheriff and Macbeth-like drama with cowboys testing entrepreneurial possibilities and magic harvest rituals!

Witches of Bexar County , Writer, Ray Uzwyshyn, 2018




Mending Wall

Feature Film Script, 2017
Film Noir Suspense Thriller
( Concept and Writer: Ray Uzwyshyn)


Mending Wall is a film noir spy thriller revolving around young ex-CIA agent V.F Tinner investigating his old partner's shooting in the wake of a contentious election. As Tinner's assignment unfolds, he begins to question task orders while trying to resolve personal conflicts regarding inner and outer walls which separate and bring us together.







Twoships & Cutie

TV Sitcom, 2017
1/2 Hour Comedy Series
( Concept and Writer: Ray Uzwyshyn)

Series Story Bible

Pilot Episode: Intergalactic Junk Dealer

A used space ship salesman and his daughter and their mechanic deal with interplanetary relations while trying to run a used space vehicle sales & repair shop.

The comic misadventures of a middle-aged single father, Twoships, his daughter, Cutie and their mechanic, Lopo as they navigate the used space vehicle business. Follow the politically incorrect misadventures of this interplanetary group in an intergalactic comedy.








Graffiti Daze

TV Drama series, 2018
Ten 1 hour Episodes
( Concept and Writer: Ray Uzwyshyn)

Series Bible w/Images, Overview (1p.)
Pilot Script (Nightbirds), Pitch, Beat Sheet

Young Brooklyn artist JP Duvalier struggles to make it to the top of the New York art world while trying to balance family pressures, career competition and personal relationships in New York's eighties Hip Hop, Graffiti and East Village art scenes.

Graffiti Daze follows the Odyssean journey and rags to riches story of JP Duvalier. Art Dealers and Hustlers, Rappers and Graffiti Taggers, Girlfriends and Family. This emotionally riveting drama traces JP's dizzying ascent to the top of the New York art world and subseqent qually tragic fall: drugs, sex, graffiti, breaking, hip hop history. Complex themes of race,ambitian and genius told through the story of Duvalier's multicultural African, American, Haitian, Puerto Rican heritage and embedded and the raw energy of the amazing 80's NY and East Village cultural scene.




Daughter of the Juice

Three Act Drama, 2020

What does it mean to for a child to grow up in the shadow of an infamous legal trial? Are there limits to what the mass media should have access to in private lives? Daughter of the Juice is a more serious drama dealing with issues of race, art, media and identity.


Image result for oj simpson andy warhol






Graphic Novel Proposal 2016.
( With Brandon Chen (ill.) and Adriano Felix col.)

Synopsis, Script, Illustrations

Aquarena is the story of the transformation and coming-of-age of Maya del Manantial and weaves South Texas sub-cultures, Mayan magic, and a cool new Latina superheroine facing the 21st century’s dark edges. South by Southwest sophomore Maya del Manantial unexpectedly stumbles into malevolent forces in a still wild, Tex - Mex West. Featuring Mayan hieroglyphic magic and an emergent new superheroine, Aquarena is a funky new 21 st century fantasy-adventure .





Three Act Drama

Leni is a more serious musically oriented three act drama along the lines of Evita meets Cabaret. It is a memory play loosely based on the biography of Leni Riefenstahl, the controversial filmmaker, German actress, photographer, dancer and ostensible Nazi propagandist. In larger scope, the play reflects on the complex questions surrounding the role and choices of an artist in retrograde political times and in this manner, the play has contemporary resonance.  Historically, Leni begins in twenties Berlin and ends on the last day of World War II.




Journalism, Newspapers, Magazines, Literary Journals

In New York, I was staff arts editor/writer for the daily, The Washington Square News, and village weekly, Culture Shock, (mostly theatre, film, galleries, art museums, exhibition features and reviews). I also published freelance for a number of other arts and literary journals / magazines (i.e. New Ink, Minetta Review, published print portfolio available).



  NY Restaurant Reviews
I also worked extensively as a staff entertainment/restaurant reviewer for a couple younger commercial 'fashion / celebrity' - oriented city guides (The Crushguide: New York Eats, Village News) I've placed a few of the original drafts here for posterity. Restaurant, cafe, club and bar reviews.









Cold War Confidential
Feature Length Screenplay

Cold War Confidential is a funky film-noir revolving round young CIA agent, V.F. Tinner. An election's gone bad, Commies are back in Brooklyn and there's some questions about a couple ideologically unsound women! As Tinner begins to delve into the investigation, he must grapple with larger moral questions and the complex parameters of his assignment.  






Jelly Roll Blues

Feature Length Screenplay


Jelly Roll Blues is a comic sci-fi adventure surrounding Alabama hustler, Mattie Jacks and his Princess Leia mom encountering the wild gymnast daughter of an all-American family going through mid-life crisis. Written as a Hollywood vehicle, The Third Kind also subtly deals with America's obsession with image and technology.







Ray Uzwyshyn
Screenplays, Film and TV & Ghostwriting
rayuwish@aol.com (850)725-0266


Screenplay/Television Writing and Development Work


As ghost writer at Scott Michel Literary Agency in New York, I developed and completed other writer's projects (screenplays, novels and plays). My agent was Rita Michel, Scott's wife before she retired. While, I am not permitted to broadcast my work for 'other writers', I would be happy to discuss these informally. My work ranged from a now famous 'rapper' screenplay, script rewrites and concept development to non-fiction biography and even a Venezuelan novelist.

I am available for screen and television development and ghostwriting and am a graduate from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU (Cinema Studies).