Endeca GifUWF Libraries Dept. of Digital and Learning Technologies has been working on a new statistical framework, Satelite, to help better understand how our wider intellectual community has been utilizing our new catalog and lbrary information retrieval and discovery system, Endeca.  As part of the Florida State University Library System, UWF libraries implemented last August a new leading edge library catalog and information discovery tool, Endeca.  This is one of two such implementations in North America, the other being in North Carolina.  To read a little more about Endeca and our Endeca implementation, click here  

Originally built as a supply chain management software, Endeca has the ability to track each keystroke that every user in our intellectual community makes in carrying out a search online.  In the past academic year, we’ve  been developing the first phase of a framework to better understand some of this data to gain a better understanding of how our intellectual community are utilizing this part of our information resource system.  This statistical application is called “SATELITE” which  is  an acronym for “Statistical Analytic Toolset for Endeca Libraries and Information Technology Environments”. 





The SATELITE framework contains   monthly data reports of every keystroke and search term entered into our system but also focused summary views into search patterns.  Please click on the bullet narratives, executive summaries, cumulative interactive charts or the integrated help system that feeds  the application to take a closer look at how our intellectual community is actually using some of the libraries information resources online.   To read a bit more on the wider rationale and background to the SATELITE, a powerpoint is available here   and a more granular guide to the application is available here While all of the search data is openly available online, to respect privacy laws, the libraries refrain from publishing or associating user IP addresses with any search data.