Computer Graphics Overview

I am a designer first that's my passion. I have a deep respect for the power of motion graphics as a tool for communication.
(Hillman Curtis)



What are computer graphics?


The visual display of information through icons or representative images and represented in pixels and bits.



A Bit of History

The Events



The 1960's

Computer Graphics term coined by William Fetter, Boeng (1960).

First video game (Spacewar) developed by Steve Russell at MIT (1961). Pong

Area subdivision algorithm developed by Warnock (1969).



The 1980's

TRON released by Disney films, containing 15 minutes and 235 scenes of computer generated images. Companies involved were MAGI, Triple I, Digital Effects, and Robert Abel and Associates (1982).

Silicon Graphics is founded by James Clark (1982).

Pixar is bought from Lucasfilm by Steve Jobs (1986)




The 1990's

Development of Microcomputer Processor Power and Graphical Interfaces

Development of Microcomputer Graphics Programs, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand

Development of 3D Programs for Microcomputers: Strata Studio Pro

Development of Digital Video and Motion Graphics Programs for the Web



Types of Computer Graphics

Two D – Images Illustrations and Photographs

Three-D Images

Motion Graphics (Flash, Quicktime)

High End Graphics (for Film, digital video, military, geographical imaging)




Why Do we Need Computer Graphics?



To Convey Information quickly and with facility.




A picture is worth a Thousand Words.



To Convey Emotion


Color provides Meaning



Computer Graphics Software


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Macromedia Flash


Swift 3d


Online Catalogs Use of Graphics For Information Design


National Library of Canada


Library of Congress






Resources for Learning (Tutorials, Books and Online Learning)


Tutorial method of learning

Books (Examples)


Adobe website

Macromedia Website.


The Future of Web Graphics



Hillman Curtis