April 22, 2003

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Extended Library hours during finals

More praise for Richter Library!
Lunch-n-Learn May 7
Archives & Special Collections completes collection inventory of Dante B. Fascell Papers
Library Grand Opening Thank You's
Richter to receive special visitors on Take Your Kids to Work Day

Updates from Human Resources Roundtable

Tip of the week: Inserting Headers & Footers

Cheryl Gowing to present/moderate at IUG Conference; Judith Rabkin and Schlomit Schwarzer also represent Richter Library

  Extended Library hours during finals
Submitted by Schlomit Schwarzer
April 7, 2003

During Reading Days and Final Exams the 1st floor at the Richter Library will remain open 24 hours a day.

The library will open on Saturday April 26 at 9:00 a.m. and remain continuously open until Thursday, May 8. On May 8 the library will close at 11:00 p.m.

On Friday May 9 the library will observe shortened hours schedule until Wednesday, May 14. For a detailed library schedule, visit the library website at: www.library.miami.edu/general/hours.html

More praise for Richter Library!
Submitted by Jane Schillie
April 17, 2003

This comment was submitted through Ask Otto.

"I wanted to congratulate and thank you for the FANTASTIC work being done to the library. I am extremely satisfied with all the renovations and advancements in the Richter facility. Not only have your renovations made the library more aethetically, and therefore academically, pleasant, with the addition of many [rather comfortable] furniture and chairs as well as new study/lounge areas, but the bound periodicals area is also much more accessible and the study environment much more conducive to learning and focusing than before.

"Even more commendable is the vast expansion of the Information Commons to include nearly 100 computers, more than half of which are flat screened and efficient at our browsing and document-related needs. What finally did it for me was coming in to find the row of new Dell computers at the standing area, which i take to be specifically for Web browsing and other quick passersby activities.

"This shows me that at least my $33,000 a year doesn't go only to extravagant convocation centers and extra palm trees, but also to the more important area of student academic progress and scholastic integrity. Thank you and all the workers associated with this project for making this university a better place to excel at academically."

-Alex Ortiz, Undergraduate student

Lunch-n-Learn May 7
Submitted by Nellie Li
April 22, 2003

You are invited to attend our next “Lunch-n-Learn” session

Featured Topic:
”Electronic Journal Management” by Andrew Copnick
If you missed the DCLA (Dade County Library Association) conference,
this is your second chance to see Andrew’s presentation!

When: Wednesday, May 7
Where: Library Conference Room

Time: 12:00pm- 1:30pm

For info. contact Nellie Li: nmli@miami.edu
Bring your own lunch and drinks will be provided.

Archives & Special Collections completes collection inventory of Dante B. Fascell Papers
Submitted by Craig Likness
April 22, 2003

The Archives & Special Collections staff at the University of Miami Otto G. Richter Library has recently completed a box-level collection inventory for one of their largest archival collections - the Dante B. Fascell Papers. Fascell was a South Florida congressman who served in the United States House of Representatives for 38 years (1955-1993), and held a wide variety of committee assignments, including chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The Dante B. Fascell Papers, which document his political career, contain approximately 1,200 boxes (containing12 million pieces of paper) of legislative and committee files, including information on all bills and resolutions sponsored by Congressman Fascell. The papers also contain correspondence, internal and office memoranda, publications, texts of speeches, notes, newspaper clippings, videotapes and other materials relating to political campaigns, and international political activity. The photograph files provide unique historical documentation on the activities and accomplishments of Congressman Fascell.

We invite you to visit our newest website, which contains a description of the collection, a brief biography, the collection inventory, and links to several publications by the University of Miami on Dante B. Fascell.

Library Grand Opening Thank You's
Submitted by Tina Surman
April 22, 2003

Our Library Grand Re-Opening event, held on Tuesday, April 15, 2003 from 4 to 6 pm was a big success! I want to thank everyone who worked so hard to get everything done on time and so very well:

To President Shalala, Provost Glaser and Vice Provost and Interim University Librarian Ullmann for your heart-felt presentations.

To Susan Jones, for making all of the arrangements that made the Gumenicks - from 101 years old to 3 months old - very happy.

To Vivian Miller and the entire Advancement Events Management team, for managing the event from big (coordinating with all of the vendors - the caterer Creative Tastes, Precision Printing for the invitations, Hirni's Flowers, Diamonette Rentals, Mac Parking, Pyramid Photography and Southern Audio-Visual) to small (making sure the ribbon and scissors were just right).

To Jeanne Ross and the entire Library Administrative Team, especially Roca Beiro, Dexter Townsend and Alexis Yordan for making the Library look great with fresh paint, new plants, etc. etc. etc. and for helping to organize security, set-up, clean-up (with help from the UNICCO staff) and everything in-between - including an emergency elevator fix!

To Isabel Arias, Santiago Loo and Isa Garcia of Jet Graphics for creating one of the best programs I've ever seen!

To Terri Robar and her Library exhibits committee, for ensuring that the exhibit cases were ordered, set-up and filled with interesting exhibits about the Library and Congressman Fascell.

To Margot Winick and the Media Relations team for gathering information and getting the word out via a press release and other announcements.

To John Renaud for creating the UMAA Information Literacy Lab presentation and for staying to patiently teach a couple of donors about the Lab until after 6 pm.

To Dan Blazek and Erin Dunphy for recording the event on video and film for the University Archives.

To Don Bosseau for taking care of Dr. Henry King Stanford yesterday - collecting him from and returning him safely to his hotel.

To all of the Library department heads who supplied information blurbs for the easels and for the program.

And last, but certainly not least, to my assistant, Mireya Fonseca, for pitching in wherever and whenever needed.

Thank you so much!

Tina Surman
Director of Library Development

Richter to receive special visitors on Take Your Kids to Work Day
Submitted by Jane Schillie
April 22, 2003

Sixty elementary school students will be visiting Richter Library Thursday afternoon as part of the University’s Take Your Kids to Work Day. The students, aged 9 – 11, will tour the Cuban Heritage Pavilion and learn about what librarians do at work. Rochelle Pienn, John Renaud, Carrie Leslie, Ray Uzwyshyn and Jane Schillie will meet with the students and show them how librarians help people find the information they need and create the tools people use to access information.

Updates from Human Resources Roundtable
Submitted by Jeanne Ross
April 16, 2003

At the April 16th Human Resources Roundtable meeting, HR representatives shared these news items and interesting facts with us.

The mobile mammography unit will be at the Wellness Center on June 9th & 10th offering free mammography services to UM employees. In the last two years, the mammography screenings have resulted in 26 referrals for further evaluation, and one case requiring intervention measures to prevent more serious illness. Services are provided on an appointment basis only. Call Susan at 954-858-4420 to schedule your appointment.

HIPPA - the Health Insurance Privacy Protection Act - is in force now and while protecting the privacy of individuals, it is limiting the Benefits Office's ability to assist employees with health insurance problems. HIPPA restricts the disclosure of health information to only those persons an individual has authorized disclosure to, in writing. Where in the past the Benefits office could assist you with resolving issues with insurance carriers, health care providers, pharmacies, etc., they are no longer able to do so without your written consent. The Benefits Office is developing a consent form now and will be communicating disclosure authorization requirements to employees in the near future. For more information on HIPA go to http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/hipaa/

Bene-Stats - The high cost of insurance:

  • The University health insurance policy covers 17,000 employees and family members, at an annual cost of $50 million per year;
  • For every 22 cents paid by an employee for health insurance coverage, the University pays $1.00;
  • University insured individuals incurred 1460 hospital admissions last year, which equates to 4 admissions per day;
  • Of the 1460 hospital admissions, 45% were through the emergency room resulting in a 1-2 day stay, and 50% of those visits were determined to be non-emergencies. Average daily cost for a hospital stay is $2,000.
  • United Health Care has free-standing facilities and urgent care centers that help to keep the cost of insurance premiums and out of pocket expenses down for employees. For a listing of facilities near to you, visit http://www.miami.edu/benefits/Freestanding.htm.

Effective Date for FY04 Staff Pay Increases
Bi-weekly paid employee (A03) FY04 merit increases will be effective June 6, 2003, and be reflected in the June 19th paycheck. Each year the effective date is determined by a formula that considers the number of days in the current fiscal year payroll cycle that will carry beyond June 1st. FY02 was the first time in five years that the merit increase effective date was carried into June, rather than occurring prior to the actual start of the new fiscal year, in May. Monthly paid employee merit increases are always effective June 1.

Electronic Timekeeping
It is expected that implementation of the KRONOS electronic time reporting system will begin in the fall semester. Over the summer the Human Resources and Payroll Departments will be working with each department to complete the paperwork necessary for implementation. More information about KRONOS implementation will be available at the next Roundtable meeting in May.


“Tips for Microsoft Office”
By Nellie Li

This week’s MS Program: Word
Tip of the week: Inserting Headers & Footers

To make your document look more professional, think about adding Headers (top of each page) and Footers (bottom of each page) to your Word documents. Click on View from the menu bar and select Header and Footer. Your document will change to the Print Layout view with a blocked out section at the top and bottom of your page. A toolbar will also appear. Type in the Header or Footer section what you wish and it will automatically appear on all of the pages in your document. The toolbar can also be used to insert page numbers, date & time, or document information. When completed close the Header and Footer Toolbar and your document will return to its normal view. This feature assists the reader in identifying all the pages that belong to a single document, especially if the pages become separated.

Have questions? E-mail me at nmli@miami.edu and I will answer them in the next Bulletin Board issue!

For updates on upcoming events go to: http://libstaff.library.miami.edu/cmtes/profdev/profdevtaskforce.html

Cheryl Gowing to present/moderate at IUG Conference; Judith Rabkin and Schlomit Schwarzer also represent Richter Library
Submitted by Cheryl Gowing
April 22, 2003

Cheryl Gowing, Judith Rabin, and Schlomit Schwarzer will be attending the 11th annual Innovative Users Group Conference in San Jose, CA from April 25-28. Cheryl is serving as coordinator/presenter for the session, “Full Electronic Journal Access Through the OPAC” . This session was one of the top vote getters in the preliminary program scheduling and will be presented twice during the conference. Cheryl is also once again coordinating/moderating the “Load Profile Open Forum” with members of the III staff. This year’s conference should prove to be another record setter, with over 1088 pre-registrants from all over the globe. A complete listing of the conference program is available on the IUG web site at: http://www.innovativeusers.org/iug2003/index.html. You will need our IUG id and pwd to access the program materials. Contact Cheryl or your Dept. Head for this information.