September 9, 2003

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New Redesigned Miami Sun
Blackboard for Library Users
New online business card request form
Mandatory: Emergency and Disaster Procedures

Elizabeth Suarez has a new baby boy


New Redesigned Miami Sun
September 3, 2003
Submitted by Ray Uzwyshyn

There’s a new smiling sun in the East and it’s on the library website at The Fall Richter library redesign features new templates, cascading style sheets, colors and a smiling UM Sun Flash based navigation system. The website also takes a step closer to the UM orange/green color scheme and a larger design consistency. Stay tuned as Richter prepares to implement a new e-chat reference and meta-database linking system this fall continuing towards a more visual, interactive and multimedia based paradigm. To read more about some of the innovation planned and in development, please visit the library weblog at

Cookies-n-Learn on Friday, September 12
September 8, 2003
Submitted by Nellie Li

You are invited to attend our next “Cookies & Learn” workshop

Presentation by: Doris Jui
"Tuning into Customers' Delivery Options: a pilot project"
Description: This session looks at the Business Library's pilot project that found various ways in which the library can support faculty instruction. Examples, practical tips, and resources for launching others in the development of faculty support materials will be demonstrated.

When: Friday, September 12
Where: Library Conference Room, 3rd Floor

Time: 2:00– 3:00 PM

For information, contact Nellie Li:

Blackboard for Library Users
September 8, 2003
Submitted by Nellie Li

Bill Vilberg’s workshop on “Blackboard” is targeted toward library faculty, administration, and staff. This course is meant to provide an introduction/overview to this software and its many uses.

In the event that there is not enough interest, Bill will open up the registration to some of his former students.

In the next few months, Bill will be providing information sessions on various topics targeted towards library employees. If you have any questions please contact me at x8-8321 or email me at

Blackboard for Library Uses
See how you can create material in Blackboard that can be used in specific courses. Create a module including handouts, instructions, PowerPoint slide shows, guided tours, and even assessments. Then have it copied into any course so that the students there can access it. An easy and powerful way to provide instructional support to classes. This session will demonstrate the process.

When: Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Time: 12:00-1:00 PM
Location: Richter Library, 3rd Floor Conference Room
Registration: Email Nellie Li,

Lunch is provided courtesy of the Instructional Advancement Center

Note: Registration is required. Permission from your supervisor and/or department head is required in order to register.

New online business card request form
September 9, 2003
Submitted by Alexis Yordan

To request business cards, please complete the online form now available on the library intranet Procurement Services page. If you have any questions, please contact me at x6776 or

Mandatory: Emergency and Disaster Procedures
Submitted by Nellie Li
August 1, 2003

To All Library Employees:

It is mandatory that all library employees be familiar with the "Emergency and Disaster Procedures." If you did not attend any of the training sessions led by Roca Beiro, Disaster Coordinator, it is required that you review the presentation which is now posted on our Library Intranet Home Page.

Go to the Library Intranet Home Page (click on the following link) and then click on the "Emergency and Disaster Procedures" icon.

After you review the presentation, please email Nellie Li at or call at (305) 284-8321. It is each employee's responsibility to be familiar with the Library's Emergency and Disaster Procedures. Upon emailing Nellie, you will be checked off as having completed this training session.

Managers and Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their student employees are familiar with these procedures. If you have any questions regarding specific procedures for your department please contact your supervisor.

There is no human resources news this week.


"Tips for Microsoft Office"
By Nellie Li

There are no new tips this week.

Have questions? E-mail me at and I will answer them in the next Bulletin Board issue!

For updates on upcoming events go to:

Elizabeth Suarez has a new baby boy
September 8, 2003
Submitted by Cecilia Leathem

A former Catalog Department employee, Elizabeth Suarez, has given birth to a baby boy. Raul Gabriel Miro weighed in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces, and measures 19 3/4 inches. Anyone wishing to send Elizabeth a card can ask Cecilia Leathem for her new address.