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Human Knowledge Seeking and Information Visualization:Exploring New Possibilities


Dr. Ray Uzwyshyn

Department Head and Associate Professor
Library Digital and Learning Technology Programs
University of West Florida




Friday, October 6, 2006

4:00 P.M.

Administration and Conference Tower, Room 301

A reception will follow the lecture in the 2nd floor lobby of the ACT Building


Before children can speak or write, they first encounter our world through vision, sound, and touch.  However, many of our current information systems focus solely on text-based searching through a single text box and long scrolling list metaphor.  What are the possibilities for expanding traditional approaches to online information seeking through the application of information visualization and multimedia? Could the next generation of search engines, digital libraries, and other information systems utilize vision, sound, and touch to expand human inquiry and knowledge gathering possibilities? This talk will present a historic line of information systems to reflect on future directions and current possibilities.


Dr. Ray Uzwyshyn is currently Head of the Department of Library Digital and Learning Technology Programs for the University of West Florida. Dr. Uzwyshyn was previously Head of Web Services for the University of Miami Libraries where he began the digital library initiatives and application of new media possibilities for the libraries.  Ray possesses a Ph.D. from NYU in Media Studies and MLIS from the University of Western Ontario. His interest is in visualization, the application of film semiotics to information systems and multimedia possibilities for digital libraries.  He currently co-chairs the Special Interest Group in Visualization, Information and Sound for the American Society of Information Science and Technology.  His projects, research and applications lie at the intersection of new media, digital libraries and new technological possibilities.




About the ISI Samuel Lazerow Memorial Lecture


Thomson Scientific sponsors the ISI Samuel Lazerow Memorial Lecture Program.Samuel Lazerow, for whom the lecture series is named, had a record of long and distinguished service in the library profession. Dr. Eugene Garfield, founder and president of the Institute for Scientific Information, initiated the lecture series as a tribute to his friend and colleague.