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Thank you for visiting U-Turn, a webzine dedicated to allowing University of Miami students
of all majors and interests to share their writing
with the world. U-Turn features articles that address issues of importance to college age people: sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Actually, it's more like hip-hop, dance and reggae, but you get the picture. And, that's not all. We've also included fashion and the guilty pleasures of reality TV. We understand that some of our readers might have eccentric tastes, so we've tried to throw in pieces about politics, getting a job, and other real world issues.

From a biography of LSD to an exploration of the merits of delaying sex until marriage; from a eulogy to a fallen snowboarding hero to a response to the speeches of Reverend Martin Luther King: you're going to be stimulated, maybe even provoked, but you're definitely going to enjoy the ride.

We've also been lucky enough to work with the UM Creative Writing program, headed by poet Maureen Seaton. Creative Writing major Neil de la Flor served as editor of the literary 'zine within a 'zine, Dune Shack. Abigail Putnam was his assistant editor and Julio Beneitez also provided input. Be sure to check out the inspired poets and fictionists in Dune Shack.

We're hoping that this 'zine will be so successful that it will continue to be a class that inventive students who enjoy writing will enroll in for years to come--in which case we will be the original U-Turn staff and should go down in the history of the University accordingly! (LOL) In any event, this U-Turn staff has boldly gone where few English Composition classes have gone before, and from the looks of it, we all intend to keep marching in that direction.

U-Turn came about in part due to our Supreme Leader, Gina Maranto (at right). Don't know what she was thinking, risking job security and reputation, trusting us to complete such a massive project. Some of us suspect she might have had a little bit too much fun in the late '60's, if you know what we mean. But we're glad she had faith in us.

After months of dedicated hard work and tireless effort,
we're happy to present U-Turn, an outlet for students of various backgrounds and experiences. We've investigated and sounded off about topics of our choice. And we'd like to think we've taken a daring, yet classy, approach to web journalism. We say what others only want to say.

So, if you're tired of the same old politically correct student newspaper articles and humdrum web sites that stick to the status quo, this is your place. Click on a link, come on in, and enjoy the show. And don't forget to tell your friends. We need the free publicity!


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The staff of U-Turn Magazine would like to extend a special thank you to:

Ray Uzwyshyn and Jeff Barry, librarian associate professors,
for taking time to train us in Dreamweaver and help us
with the design aspects of creating an online magazine.

DuneShack editors: Maureen Seaton; Neil de la Flor;
Julio Beneitez; and Abigail Putnam

The entire music industry
Hasan Brown from Public Marketing and Media Solutions
Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College for the use of their pictures
Sam Henderson, UM Basketball SID
David White, publisher of Social Studies for Kids
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If you have any concerns with anything regarding the content found on the site,
including articles and images, please feel free to contact Gina Maranto.

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