Richter Library Web Statistics Summary


(This summary compiles from six different server reports making up the University of Miami online web system. Servers: Main Library Server:,
Digital:, Findit:, Scholar: Three and five page narrative summaries are also available as are the various 140 pp. reports (6 reports ).


March, 2004




Total Visits 131,513


Pages and Files (Top 10 Pages)

Top Page: Library Home Page78,671

#2 Databases (Alphabetically, Subject Guides & Indexes)* 16,987
#3 Student Services Page 5,075
#4 Research Methods in the Social Sciences 3,288
#5 University of Miami Libraries Libraries and Collections 3,002
#6 Public Opinion Polls on the Internet                            2,722
#7 Richter Library Reserves - Tables of Contents 2,122
#8 Pan American World Airways Record Collection                     1,568
#9 Cuba and Cuban Americans on the Internet                       1,242
#10 Interlibrary Loan                                         1,224


Notable High Hit Counts                                         Database Search Pages
Most Requested Form or Database Brockway Hall Document Request Form (74)
Cuban Heritage Collection (864))


Most Popular Entrance to Site Library Home Page (50%)
Other Unique Entrances Databases, Research Methods in the Social Sciences
Notable Unique Entrances Public Opinion Polls on the Internet



74 % visitors view 1-2 pages of the site
81 % site visits 0-1 minutes (quick consult)
Highest Web Activity Days Monday-Wednesday
Web Activity Hours 10 A.M. 5. P.M.



Referrals and Search Engines


21% Visitors From Larger University Site
15% Various Search Engine (58% Google, 18% MSN, 20% Yahoo, 3% other)
Most Common Searches: opinion polls, Public Opinion Polls, Research Methods
Unexpected Larger Referrals: Black Voices

* Databases Listed Alphabetically By Title (5,430). + Databases & Indexes (3,057) (Infosheets) + Database & Indexes (Subject Guides) (2,012)