Mediated Translations: Reflections on Digital Scholarship:


This video was done as a brief open ended visual discussion piece for a HASTAC online scholars forum - Humanities, Arts, Sciences and Technology Advanced Collaboratory on the Future of the Digital Humanities - (February 5, 2009). Reflections on new digital scholarship possibilities opening in higher education.


Mediated Translations: Reflections on Digital Scholarship (Satie Reflective Remix)


Keywords: digital natives, the millenials, digital learning, academic brick and mortar rethinking, academic global networking possibilities, open access, intellectual property, digital libraries and archives, epistemological paradigm shifts, virtual worlds, reimagining academic space, Gutenberg shifts, scholarly e-learning renaissance, multimedia scholarship, reimagining pedagogical access through digital possibilities.

Ray Uzwyshyn MLIS, Ph.D. 2009.