UWF Endeca Interface | SATELITE Overview (pt1, pt2)


A Statistical Analytic Toolset for ENDECA , Libraries & Information Technology Environments

Intelligent windows, wiser decisions.
Cumulative Interactive
Summary Chart (2007-2008)

Endeca Narrative Bullet Summaries

Statistical Heading Definitions
Endeca Stats Executive Summaries Endeca Statistics Monthly Report
2008 Apr. Executive Summary (Doc) 2008 Full April Report (Doc)
2008 Mar. Executive Summary (Doc) 2008 Full March Report (Doc)
2008 Feb. Executive Summary (Doc) 2008 Full February Report (Doc)
2008 Jan. Executive Summary (Doc) 2008 Full January Report (Doc)
2007 Dec. Executive Summary (Doc) 2007 Full December Report (Doc)
2007 Nov. Executive Summary (Doc) 2007 Full November Report (Doc)
2007 Oct. Executive Summary (Doc) 2007 Full October Report (Doc)
2007 Sept. Executive Summary (Doc) 2007 Full September Report (Doc)
2007 Aug. Executive Summary (Doc) 2007 Full August Report (Doc)

If you would like information with regards to any of these statistics, please send a brief e-mail to Ray Uzwyshyn.
We also have data with regards to other libraries in the SUS system. These can be made available upon request.

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