Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original works and critical studies of Caribbean literature, film, art, and culture by writers and scholars worldwide exclusively in electronic form. The journal promotes a lively exchange among writers and scholars in the arts, humanities, and social sciences who hold diverse perspectives on Caribbean literature and culture and offers a mixture of fiction, poetry, plays, critical essays, cultural studies, interviews, and visual art. Book reviews and bibliographies, special thematic issues, and original art and photography are some of the features of this international journal of Caribbean arts and letters. Anthurium is a non-profit publication and project of Caribbean Literary Studies, Department of English, supported solely by the University of Miami.

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Sandra Pouchet Paquet

Managing Editors
Prudence Layne
Andrea Shaw

Interactive Design
Ray Uzwyshyn

Editorial Assistant
Debbie-Ann Navarette

Editorial Board
Kim Dismont Robinson
Yvette Fuentes
Lynn Ink
Maria McGarrity
Kathryn Morris

Contributing and Advisory Editors
Funso Aiyejina Belinda Edmondson Paula Morgan
Jeff Barry Mary Ann Gosser Esquilin Evelyn O’Callaghan
Zack Bowen Curdella Forbes Shalini Puri
Carole Boyce Davies Glyne Griffith Olive Senior
Kamau Braathwaite Peter Hulme Faith Smith
Laurence Breiner Natalie King-Pedroso Steve Steumpfle
Marc Brudzinski Antonia MacDonald-Smythe
Carolyn Cooper Lillian Manzor
Fred D’Aguiar

Submission Guidelines and Format:

Those submitting article manuscripts should prepare them in accordance with the most recent edition of The MLA Style Manual, which encourages the use of intratextual documentation wherever possible and mandates the inclusion of a list of works cited (with full pagination) at the manuscript's end.

All documents should be submitted electronically as Microsoft word attachments to the editor at, and must be accompanied by a brief biographical sketch.

Critical essays (3,500-6,500 words); poets should submit no more than four poems at a time; fiction writers should submit no more than one story, a maximum of 5,000 words. Book reviews (or short review essays) of 2,000 - 2,500 words are welcome. These should carry a title as well as the book information at the head of the essay. The reviewed book should have been published no more than two years previously.

All documents will be edited for length, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and comprehension. Authors of critical essays and reviews will be consulted electronically with regard to any substantial editing. They will not be consulted regarding copyediting. The editors do not assume responsibility for loss or corruption of submitted materials. Materials published in Anthurium do not necessarily represent the views of the journal's editors, staff, or the University of Miami. Authors are encouraged to retain the copyright to their works, but must acknowledge in writing that Anthurium will have the first publication rights to all submitted material.

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