Optometric Care


In May 1998, twenty seven year old Canadian Optometrist Dr. Mira Uzwyshyn ventured to the Dominican Republic to volunteer in the bateys and provide eyecare and donated eyeglasses for the dispossessed within the Batey communities.



What does it mean to see?


Listen as young Optometrist, Dr. Uzwyshyn recounts her experience in the Dominican bateys from the actual mission.



About the experience Dr. Uzwyshyn had this to say: "People came from miles around waking up and arriving in the early morning. There was a line when the doctors arrived every day and the sweat poured off of us from morning till night. I was helping people who otherwise could have no access or means to any medical or health services at all.




Dr. Uzwyshyn examines a welder for glasses.


About this worker, Dr. Uzwyshyn commented, "The man had been brought by his friend to be first in line. For all practical purpsoses, his retinas were burned out. He was legally blind, eighteen, a welder,and part of a group, who had not been given proper welding glasses."

"Give the glasses so my friend will see," his colleague said. I explained to the translator that glasses would not help.

"But doctor, insisted his friend, "I too am a welder."

"What could I say?"


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