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To Build a Medical Center



While BRA helps provide short-term care via medical missions, our intervention, however, falls short of meeting our global health objective by giving medical attention that is adequate, accessible, and continuous. First, the duration of the mission is usually too short to treat thousands of patients. Two, our volunteer doctors do not have adequate instruments, environment, nor enough medicines to perform tasks that require follow-ups. Four, those who live far from the site, were not treated because of the far distance.


We propose to build a medical center that is conveniently located to serve as many bateyes as possible. The location will permit patients from all age groups to have reasonable to access to the center. Medical specialists will be able to perform tasks including, but not limited to, minor surgeries, x-ray readings, etc. Those who live two to three hours away, will also be served via our mobile clinic. The mobile will conduct four-times-a-year visits. The mobile will be fully-equipped and staffed in order to provide on-site, basic medical care. In case of medical emergencies, the center's minivan will be made available to transport patients to better equipped facilities.


Rare and complicated cases that require advanced medical interventions will be sent, if possible, to U.S medical facilities for sponsorship - or local facilities with the collaboration of private and governmental institutions. When needed, our volunteer specialists will intervene in the Dominican Republic to provide such advanced care. The center and the mobile will have the capacity to serve a total of 350,000 persons. Half of that amount will be workers and their families, and retired workers. Another half will be those who need emergency care - and those who live below poverty level.

R.N Jeanny Gaillard, Dr. Mira Uzwyshyn, R.N. Olga Chichester


Our project objective will be realized through the following activities. We will have teams of volunteer doctors and nurses traveling from the U.S and abroad to the center for a period of one week, at three-month intervals, to do diagnoses, conduct research, and to provide care. During that time, medicines will be donated to patients as needed. A record will be kept on patients for follow-ups by our in-house Dominican-based medical staff. The staff will then provide on-going care. We will create an internship program with medical schools to have graduating students or fellows provide supervised-care.


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