BRA Needs Public Involvement




BRA seeks and welcomes the following supporters:


Progressive dollar donors

To provide services to and create financial self-reliance, BRA desperately needs donated dollars from individuals, foundations, financial and banking institutions for operation and administrative costs, financial activities and services, and medical care. Tax-deductible contributions can be made out to Batey Relief Alliance, Inc.


Solidarity donors

Individuals or companies can help by donating a minivan - office equipment such as fax and copy machines, telephones, computers, printers, and other office-related materials - medicines - medical equipment, literature, and materials - food products - clothing necessities and shoes - basic hygiene care products and detergents.


Child financial sponsors

Individuals to support a needy batey child through monthly financial allowances.



Volunteer partners

Individuals can volunteer in fund raising activities - by working in the US and the Dominican Republic's regional offices - by providing short-term medical, educational, or technical assistance - or by providing the expertise needed for a particular project.


Promotional partners

Media institutions can help by promoting BRA's mission in the U.S and abroad.


Membership partners

Individual members can help through committee projects or financial assistance.


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