BRA's Past and Present Efforts


Crippled by a stroke, this old man was forced to gather and burn wood for coal to earn his keep. There is no retirement in the Bateys. Even into their old age, workers must labor in cane fields to earn their keep.


Thousands of Braceros and their families, today, live in bateyes infested with diseases. The health hazards are caused by the virtual absence of adequate facilities to provide basic medical care - educational support to help prevent sexually-transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies - adequate diet to curb nutritional-related health complications - potable water to cause parasitic-infectious ailments. In an effort to control this alarming situation, BRA has been carrying out medical missions inside the batey communities.



Distribution of Basic Commodities & Medical Relief


BRA recently sponsored a team of volunteer doctors, nurses, and assistants, traveling from the U.S to the OZAMA Ingenio Naranjo batey. The purpose was to provide on-site, intensive, basic medical care to the workers and their families. The Dominican Republic's Health Department collaborated in the relief effort by providing volunteer doctors, nurses, and assistants.



BRA's Medical Relief: Commodities Distribution in Naranjo Batey Mission 1998


The multi-lingual medical staff examined and treated more than eight hundred patients ranging from new-born infants to a ninety-nine year-old female adult. We provided care at no cost - ranging from general medicine, dentistry, optometry, pediatric care, to gynecology.



Health Crisis Management and Educational Support


Patients were treated by internists for, among other ailments, minor colds, high fever, high blood pressure, diabetes, bacterial and infectious diseases, and epileptic seizures. They were also examined by optometrists for cataract and glaucoma, and fitted for new eye glasses.


Those who needed dental care were observed and treated through general or surgical extraction. Where necessary, medicines were donated to the patients to complete their short-term treatment. Other activities included providing technical assistance in basic health management - distributing health crisis prevention materials and birth control aids.


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