The Workers' Plight in the Bateyes and BRA's Efforts


What does it mean for man to live with dignity?




BRA seeks to help the workers and their children achieve the goal of human productivity through financial self-reliance and sustainability by implementing the following programs:


Fund raising activities in the U.S and abroad


BRA needs financial assistance to create an assistance fund - to purchase food and build a food canteen for hot meal distribution - to build a regional office in DR - to build a medical center and - to purchase a minivan for medical emergency transportation.


Distribution of donated or low-paid basic commodities

to purchase and distribute food, clothing, shoes, detergents, and hygiene care products -


Medical assistance


to provide free or low-cost medical care and medicines through BRA's Dominican-based medical clinic. BRA's volunteer doctors and nurses will provide periodic medical assistance. Emergency cases will be referred to better-equipped medical facilities in DR.


Doctor's and nurses from BRA's recent mission consult on a young patient.



Travel assistance


to make small loans or grants available to workers who wish to return permanently to Haiti and apply their learned-business and organizational skills towards the socio-economic future of their homeland.


Basic bilingual educational programs in Creole and Spanish

* Adult literacy Workers will have access to adult literacy with informational and classroom materials.


* Disease and health crisis prevention



Informational materials will be provided about early detection and prevention of diseases such as AIDS, blindness, prostate cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Birth control aids will also be made available.


* Technical and training assistance

BRA will offer group-training sessions on how to create and maintain a grass-root organization - money management and small business enterprises. BRA will provide small loans to workers who wish to start a small business inside the batey communities.


* Immigration laws

Bilingual information will be made available on Haitiano-Dominican immigration policies.



Child Financial Sponsorship :


The Batey Relief Alliance Children's Fund

To help a child escape the plight of becoming a sugarcane cutter or a societal burden.


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