Dr. Raymond John Uzwyshyn
Mississippi State University, MS, 39759
Phone: (512) 521-6893, ruzwyshyn@gmail.com
Educause, Linkedin, ResearchGate


Ph.D. New York University (Media Studies)
MBA  American Public University (IT Management, Delta Mu Delta)
MLIS University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Information and Media Studies
M.A.   (Media Studies) New York University
Certificate of Multimedia and Web Design, New York University
Certificate of Business Information Systems. J.W. Computer Center
B.A.(Adv.) English/Film, University of Manitoba
French Immersion Program, Université Laval
French Immersion Program, Université de Montreal


Research Impact Coordinator
Full Prof. Mississippi State University Libraries, R1 
November 2022 -

Director, Research Collections
and Digital Services
Texas State University Libraries (ARL)
(May 2014 - October 2022 )

Research and teaching support for research lifecycle impact methodologies of systemic, scalable approaches for an R1 University. Development and Implementation of digital research ecosystems. Application of new system  AI Literacy integration  and AI infrastructure impact possibilities for research faculty and graduate students. Leadership for MSU Libraries CMS Staff and Material Budget (7.5M), Library Dean’s Advisory Council, leadership for Acquisitions, Metadata, Electronic Resources, Thesis & Dissertation Review. Leadership for Learning Commons, Research Data Management, Donor Engagement, Faculty Research Partnership Grants.


Strategic Leadership, administration and policy management for Texas State University Libraries, Division of Library Collections and Digital Services(CDS, 45 FTE, 8.8M Budget). Oversight for Digital, Acquisitions, Cataloging, Metadata and Web Services including digitization programs and creation and development of sustainable digital library systems, services and collections. Stewardship and strategic oversight for the libraries' physical and digital collections including continuing resources and electronic resource management. Scholarly communication, electronic publishing and open access initiatives. University-wide advancement of the libraries' role in the academic research community.

Director, Online Libraries, eLearning
American Public/American Military University
(Jan. 2011 - March 2014)

Management and leadership of the American Public University System' s online and physical libraries (APU/AMU). Coordination and organization of online library learning resources. Recruitment and supervision of staff (22). Oversight and daily operations of the university's main physical library. Development of university faculty and student information literacy programs. Advisement and development with university administration on electronic resources, web-based digital libraries, learning management systems, electronic publishing and information infrastructures.

Head,  Digital and Learning Technologies
University of West Florida Libraries
Associate Prof. University of West Florida
(July 2006 - December 2010)

University Libraries IT Leadership, coordination of digital and IT programs, projects and services. Management oversight, planning, budgeting, technology support and policy formulation for hardware, software and digital e-resources. Coordination of learning technology infrastructure, information commons, desktop/media services support, purchase of digital resources, coordination of integrated library system, state (FCLA) representative. Management of digitization programs, projects, metadata, library website infrastructure, multimedia and new digital initiatives.

Webmaster/Web Services Librarian
Asst. Prof, University of Miami Libraries  
(Dec. 2002 - June 2006)

Development, design and responsibility for the UM libraries' websites, implementation of digital libraries & resources, coordination of the libraries' web presence, support to content developers, supervision of technical assistants/systems support, budget management; information literacy lab courses/teaching: online bibliographic instruction, digital design, academic online database management, e-reference/systems development.

Film Library Coordinator
William K. Everson Film Archives
Annenberg Media Center, New York University
(Sept. 1996 - April 2000)

Administration, media-related acquisitions, bibliographic project work, office administration of graduate & undergraduate film/media library, collection development, research and film archival projects, exhibitions in liaison with Everson Archives & Museum of Modern Art Library, Lincoln Centre Research Library, New York Public Library, Anthology Film Archives. Cataloguing, tracking, public relations and distribution of the Everson collection, the world's largest privately-held commercial film archives.


 Beyond Traditional AI IQ Metrics: Metacognition and Benchmarking for LLMs, AGI, and ASI  . Journal of Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies, 2024 (Forthcoming).     

New Horizons in AI for Libraries (Editor).  Section Introduction: Projects in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing in Libraries (Proof) (Glossary Proof).  IFLA Publication Series. Walter De Gruyter (GmbH): Berlin, July 2024 (Forthcoming).  

Building Library AI Infrastructures: Research Data Repositories, Scholarly Ecosystems and AI Scaffolding (Draft). New Horizons in AI for Libraries. De Gruyter: Berlin, 2024 (Forthcoming).

Branham, R. Connoly, M. and Uzwyshyn, R. CloudSource is the Solution: New Paradigm Models, Analytic Methods and New Budgetary Possiblities.  Proceedings of the Charleston Conference, 2024.   (Forthcoming).  

Technology Enhanced Learning Spaces.  Special Issue of Trends and Issues In Library Technology (Editor, Article).  IFLA: The Hague Netherlands, January 2024.      

Digital Scholarly Research Ecosystems in Online University Infrastructures: Enabling Faculty and Graduate Student Research in Online Education. Advances in Online Education. Summer 2024. (Forthcoming).

Developing Technologically Enhanced Learning Spaces for New Millennia Academic Libraries (Word Preprint).    Proceedings of the International Federation of Libraries Association World Libraries Information Congress. Netherlands: August 2023.

Agile Project Management:  Special Issue of Trends and Issues in Library Technology.  IFLA IT Section.  Summer 2023 

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Digital Preservation.  (Moderator and Organizing Group) IFLA Joint  Global Webinar : Overview PDF). IFLA IT Section, AI Special Interest Group, Preservation and Conservation Section.  June 18, 2024.    

Enhancing and Building Tomorrow's Academic Library Today (Library Services in the Age of AI Series). (PDF). IFLA IT Section Presentation Series. May, 2024. 

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Research Libraries and AI: Three Significant Trends.  (PDF) Research Impact Series.  Missisippi State University Libraries.  Febrary, 2024.          

Branham, R. Connolly, M. and Uzwyshyn R. OA-verhauling Your Library's Collections. Shrinking Budgets and Expanding Open Access: A Case Study of One Library's Strategic Approach (Overview PDF).  Library Journal (Webcast). November 28, 2023.    

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Current Issues for Academic Libraries
, Future Academic Libraries, Texas State University Faculty Presentations, 2018.

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     - A Consortial Model for Research Data Services. Presented at Open Repositories, June 13-16, 2016
     --. Poster for Research Data Access and Preservation Summit, (ASIS&T). May 4-7, 2016.
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Technology & Academic Libraries in the 21st Century: Vision, Development, Implementation. PowerPoint Presentation, April 2013 (10MB).

Entering the 21st Century: Grants, Gradients, Libraries and Opportunities. (2012 ppt. Presentation, 10MB)

"Envisioning the Skylab: The New University of West Florida Libraries 21st Century Learning Space"(Panel Presentation). For Academic Learning Spaces Conference: Invention, (Re)Invention and Innovation, June 7 & 8, 2010, Florida State University. (PDF), Books & Bytes Article.

Technology and the Next Generation Academic Library: Present, Emergent and Future Digital Possibilities. A Summary of Directions Pursued and Ongoing Trajectories 2003-2008 (ppt.)

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"Flash Forward 2003: Academic Library Web Services, Information Design, Technology Flashbacks”. Presentation for University of Miami Library Faculty Seminar. July 21, 2003.(July, 15-21). Powerpoint.


Awards and Grants

International Federation of Libraries Association (IFLA). Dynamic Unit Award for Quality Impact of Work. IFLA IT Section. 2024-2025.  

Campus Technology 2021 Impact Award for IT Infrastructures and Systems for Texas State University Digital Scholarly Research System (PDF).  Interview.  2020-2021.    

ICEIT2020 International Conference on Education and Information Technology, Award of Excellence for Developing a Digital Scholarship Ecosystem (Presentation), Paper. St. Anne's College, Oxford University, UK, February 11-13, 2020.

Texas State University Libraries Five Year Outstanding Service Award. For Faithful, Valuable Service Contributions. May, 2019.

Texas State University Libraries Outstanding Team Award 2017. For Offsite Repository/Archival Research Center (ARC) Bibliographic Control/Collections Preparatory Group. May, 2017. 

Louis Lindsay Merrick Endowment Fund, Funded Proposals: 2015-2022.(125-266k awarded annually, depending on projects, Examples).

Leadership and Technology Grants for Libraries National Review Board. Institute for Libraries and Museum Services (IMLS), Wash., D.C., 2017. Letter of Appreciation.

Association for Continuing Higher Education. Creative Use of Technology Award 2013 (For APUS Online Course Guides Project).

Campus Technology Innovators Awards, National Review Panel, 2013.

IMS GLobal Learning Impact Award. 2012 Gold Medal, Best New Emerging Learning Technology Application: APUS Libraries Online Course Guides, (PDF, PPT, Video, Poster, v2).

National University Technology Network Distance Education Innovation Award (2012). For APUS Campus Guides Curriculum Doppler Shift Project.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Libraries Initiatives Review Panel 2009-2011, Global Access to Learning Technology Award

Skylab Information Commons Technology Enhancement 2010 (Award 167k, 100k Skylab Space Renovation, New Human Resource Allocation)

American Society of Information Science & Technology, Publication of the Year Award, 2009. ASIS&T Special Issue on Visual Search and Retrieval. Article: An Arbitrage Opportunity for Image Search and Retrieval. June/July, 2009. 35:5. ISSN: 1550-8366.

Emerald Publishing Group: Outstanding Academic Research Paper 2008 "Multimedia Visualization and Interactive Systems: Drawing Board Possibilities and Server Realities". Library High Tech 24:4, Winter, 2007.

State Archives of Florida Leadership Symposium (Tallahassee, June, 2008, SOLINET/PLAN Scholarship)

Florida State Universities Institute For Emerging Academic Leaders (Orlando, June & October, 2007)

Computers In Libraries Scholarship (PLAN, Washington D.C., April, 2007)

American Society of Information Science and Technology Award of Appreciation, November, 2006

Thompson ISI Samuel Lazerow Lecture. (TWU, School of Information Studies Invited Lecture), Fall, 2006

Jay Leyda NYU Dissertation Award for Academic Achievement, 2000.

Department of Cinema Studies Dissertation Fellowship, New York University, 1999.

Graduate Research Fellowships, New York University, 1994-1996.

Full Doctoral Fellowship, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, NYU, 1994-2000.

Video Documentary Production Award, Video Pool, 1992.

University of Manitoba, Dean's Honor List, 1991.

University of Manitoba, Aiken's Scholarship in English Literature (First Place), 1991.

University of Manitoba Alexander Shack Prize in English Literature, Highest Standing, 1990


(University, State and National)

Mississippi State University (2022- )

AI Infrastructure Development Committee
University Deans, Associate Dean's and Director's Group, 2022 - 
Mississippi State Digital Resources Committee (2022 - 
Associate Dean's Committee, 2022-
Library University Faculty Committee, 2022 -
Dean's Advisor Council, 2022 - 
Collections Management and Strategy Faculty Group (Chair, 2022 - )
Library Faculty Committee (2022 - ) 

Texas State University (2014 - 2022)

Texas State Universities Library, Digital Oversite Group, Chair, 2018 -
Vice Presidential IT  Leadership Council 2016 - .
Texas State Senior Management ARL and GWLA Membership Application Committees (GWLA Achieved 2018, ARL 2020)
Texas State University Extended Information Technology Council, 2016
ARC, Archives and Research Center Offsite-Repository Planning Committee, (STAR Park) 2015 -
Texas Data Repository, State Implementation Group (2015-2016, Final Report)
Texas State Digital Initiatives Oversite Group (2015 -, Chair)
3D Printer Infrastructure Committee (2015, Chair)
New Budgetary Models Working Group (2014 - 2017, Complete)
Hybrid Online Digital Tools Committee (2014 - 2016, Chair)  
University Libraries Senior Leadership Directors' Council (2014 - )
University Information Technology Leadership Council (2014 - )

American Public University System   (2011 - 2013)

Online Classroom Digital Resources Advisory Committee (2011 - 2013)
E-Learning Environments: Model Classroom Strategies Group (2011 - 2013)
Sakai Online Learning Management System (LMS) Implementation Task Force (2011)
AMU Research Institute Organizational Committee (2011)

University Academic Programs Accreditation Review Committee (2011-2013, HLC, DETC, ABET)
University Curriculum Resources Leadership Council (2011 - 2013)
Online/Electronic Course Materials Working Group (2011 - 2013)
APUS Program Directors/Provost Committee (2011)
University Strategic Planning and Budgeting Group (2011)

Extended Provost Council/Academic Operations Committee (2011 - 2013)
APUS ePress Publishing Proposal Review Board (2011 - )
Center for Online Teaching and Learning Advisory Group (2012- 2013)

University of West Florida, (2006 - 2010

UWF Skylab Information Commons Implementation Committee (Chair, 2010)
ECDC. Electronic Resources Development Committee
DISC, State of Florida Digital Initiatives Subcommittee
DAG. Director's Advisory Group
Library Automation Group (Chair)
Library Management Team
Library Faculty Advisory Council
CDC, Collection Development Committee
Electronic Resources State University Subcommittee
Digital and Learning Technologies, IT Human Resources Search Committee (Chair) Example (PDF)
Council of Florida State University Libraries (CSUL) Directors Task force on Digital Dark Archives (2006)
Florida State University System Metadata Subcommittee (2007- 2010)
UWF Web Advisory Committee (2006-2009 Term)
Library Metalib Working Group
Library Website Committee
State University System LMS Technology Coordinators Group (Aleph 15-18,19, Endeca)
State University Libraries Technology Advisors Group (TAG, 2007-2009)
UWF IT Local Service Providers Group

University of Miami (2002-2006

University of Miami Libraries Web Committee (Chair): Intranet Proceedings, Moveable Type Weblog, Long Term Strategic Plan, Powerpoint
Richter Library Electronic Resources Committee (Databases)
Research and Educational Services Online/E-Reference Committee (Technical Head)
University of Miami WWW Committee
University of Miami Web Portal Steering Committee
Digital Library Initiatives, Programs Working Group

Volunteer Work & Service

Mississippi State University Libraries Artificial Intelligence Day (Organizing Committee).   

Joint IFLA  AI/IT & Digital Preservation Organizing Committee.  Online Colloquia 2024.

Joint IFLA Digital Humanities/IT Organizing Committee.  Online Webinars 2024. 
IFLA Internet Manifesto. Governance Policy Recommendations Committee, AI Draft Version (2023 -2024 , Appointed, The Hague, Netherlands).

International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA . IT  Standing Committee  ( Elected, 2021-2025.)

Trends and Issues in Library Technology Editor, 2021-2024. Special Issues:Big Data (2021), Artificial Intelligence (2022), Digital Humanities & Open Science (2023), Agile Project Management (2023)

Open Repositories Annual Conference. Proposal Review Committee. June, 2020. June 2021 (online). Denver, CO, USA. June 2022. Stellenbosch University, South Africa. 2023

IFLA IT Communications Group.  Social Media Coordinator (2021-2022, Facebook).  

Roundtable for Developing a Toolkit for Fostering National Open Science Practices, Statement. US National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. Washington, D.C. November, 2020.

Educause Learning Initiatives (ELI) Annual Conference. Proposal Review Committee. Bellevue, Washington, March, 2020. Philadelphia, 2021.

ICEIT 2020 Conference Sessions Chair, Moderator. International Conference on Educational and Information Technology (ICEIT, 2020), St. Anne's College, Oxford University, United Kingdom, February, 2020.
Campus Technology, National Academic Technology Annual Innovator and Impact Awards, Judge, 2012 - 2019.

Annals of Library and Information Studies (ALIS). Editorial Review Board, 2017 - .

Texas Data Repository Symposium (Organizing Group). Baylor University, Nov 15-16, 2016.

Texas State University, Neo II: New Employee Orientation Presentation (Libraries), 2015 - 2017.

Texas State University, Alkek@25 Library 25th Anniversary Committee, 2015.

STREAMfest: Festival of Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, San Marcos TX, 2015.

Campus Technology Educational Technology National Conference Advisory Board (2013-2017).

Jefferson County, WV Charles Town Community Library Board of Directors, (2011-2013).

Azalea Trace Professionals Presentation UWF Libraries Digital Resources 2009, 2010 ppt.

University of West Florida Festival on the Green, Library Book Sale 2008.

ASIS&T - Special Interest Group for Visualization, Images and Sound, 2004-2007 Chair, Website, Envisioning a Path to the Future E-Journal Editor)

Team Otto UM, Leukemia (Lymphoma) Campaign, University of Miami Bulletin Board, "Otto's Team Successful in UM Corporate Run" (2003/2004)

UM Employee Outreach "What Does a Library Webmaster Do?", Bulletin Board

Batey Relief Alliance, Dominican Republic, Haiti, NY (IT Consultant: Weblog, site Digital Videos, Earthquake Relief, 1998-2010.

University of Miami, Academic Migrant Outreach Program Instructor. (Haitian/Hispanic Children of Southern Migrant Workers)

International Federation of LIbraries Association (IFLA).  Annual Conference IT Planning Committee &  Special Interest Group in Big Data/Artificial Intelligence.  Dublin,  Ireland. 2022. Bel Air Elementary School. "What is an Information Architect and How Does a Library Get Online?"


Strategy, Infrastructures & Digital Development

Texas State University, 2014 - 2022

Texas State University Libraries Grant Infrastructure: Grants and Funding GuideResearch Libraries Grant Presentation Series,  Library Grant List Overview, Staff Skills Evironmental Scan  , Google Forms Staff Skills Draft, 2022.  

Raising Faculty and Graduate Research Profiles Online (PDF). Division of Information Technology (DOIT) Weblog Article. December 2020.

Division of Collections & Digital Services Strategic Initiatives Planning 2020-2023 (PPT). With Virginia Williams, Todd Peters and Misty Hopper. December 2, 2020.

Texas State University Libraries Digital Initiatives Overview. ARL Nomination Support Documents. For ARL Membership. (Achieved, October 2020).

Texas State University Libraries Committee Charge. Multimedia Policies for Electronic Digitized Theses and Dissertations (ETDs), 2020.

Texas State University Libraries Open Educational Resources Community of Learning Online Faculty/Graduate Student Course (Canvas). Course Q&A Review. Letter of Appreciation. September 2020.

Open Source Tools for a Digital Research Ecosystem. (Preprint) Campus Technology C-Level View| Feature. Interview. May 11, 2020. 

Long Term Digital Preservation Storage Infrastructures for University Libraries. Presentation for VPIT Office/Technology Resources. 2020. 

Texas State Faculty Global Digital Research Accelerator. Program Creator and Grant Guidelines. 2020.

Online Researcher Identity Management System (ORCID) Presentation. With Laura Waugh.  For Texas State Division of Information Technology Leadership Council. 2019. 

Texas State University Libraries Digital Fellows Program
, Overview Whitepaper, September 2018. 

Texas State University Libraries Digital Technologies Roadmap, 2019-2023. Pathways to ARL Whitepaper, June 2018.

Texas State University Libraries Digital Initiatives 2016-2018, Greater Western Libraries Association Membership Application Support Whitepaper, (Achieved, May 2019)

Information Repositories: Texas State Data Repository & Texas State University Theses and Dissertations Online. Texas State University Library Newsletter, May 2017.

New Library Digital Initiatives for Research Faculty: Digital Services and Data Repositories. Presentation for Dept. of Anthropology/Archaeology, November 11, 2016

The Texas Data Repository @ Texas State University, AVP & Library Directors' Presentation, Fall 2016.

How to Build a 3D Printing Center: Experts Share Their Advice for Setting up a Campus 3D Printing Lab. Weldon, D. CampusTechnology Interveiw. October 27, 2016.

Division of Collection and Digital Services, Services for Faculty. Quick V. Faculty Collection Development Orientation, Fall 2016.

Texas State University, Alkek Library: Technology Research and Growth. Texas Digital Library Quarterly, Fall, 2016.

Alkek Library Technology Infrastructure Development and Possibilities, Archivematica Proposal, Summer 2016.

University Faculty Orientation: CDS Upcoming Initiatives, Continuing Projects, Larger Trajectories
, Fall 2015.

Collections and Digital Services Spring Forum: Initiatives & Innovation, (PDF) June, 2015.

3D Printer Infrastructures for Learning Commons(PPT), Environmental scan (with Sarah Naper), Final Brief, Spring, 2015. News Article, Winter 2015.

Multimedia and Mobile Possibilities for Research and Teaching. Texas State University Libraries eNewsletter, Spring, 2015.

Faculty Digitization Services: Raising Visibility and Access (PPT)
. Trends in Technology and Scholarship: Research Visibility Symposium. 2014.

New Tools For Building Visual Research Collections: Artstor Shared Shelf. Texas State Libraries Newsletter, November 2014.

Data Management Repositories for Universities and Research Institutions (PPT)
. PDF, 2014. Texas Online Data Research Repository article, (Library Quarterly, April 2016).

Makerspaces, Vizualization Walls and Imagineering Design for Learning Commons (PPT), 2014.

Online Print-on-Demand/eBook Publishers: Overview and Comparisons (PPT). PDF.

Faculty Digitization Services Presentation (PPT), New Tenure Track Research Faculty Orientation 2014. eNews Brief (PDF).

New Millennia Academic Research Library Technology/Budgetary Considerations, 2014.

Online Tools for Research and Learning. Next Generation Academic-Resources Pilot (PPT). Final Report (June 2015): Overview, Team Charge, Kickoff Workshop. (With Sarah Naper and Liane Taylor, 2014-2015).

New Faculty Digitization Service Infrastructures: Faculty Digitization Services & New Faculty Research Digitization Services. 2014.

Alkek Library, Division of Digital and Collection Services. Strategic Assessment, Y1 Operational Plan PPT, 2014.

American Public University System, 2011 - 2013

Online Library Resources for Faculty & Students: Technology @ Possibilities (ppt). Slides (pdf), Handout. Center for Teaching and Learning Colloquium, May 2013.

Online Libraries Website Redesign: Project Management Plan (2013).

Interdisciplinary Academic Video: Streaming in an Online University (For APUS Online Classroom Innovation Group, Overview p.2, 2012).

Online Library Spotlight Video Tutorial Center
, Youtube Channel (with Christy Stevens, Emily Harrell and David van der Goes, 2012).

APUS Libraries & Online Course Guides School of Management Presentation (2012).

APUS Libraries' Online Video Tutorial Architecture (Project Overview) 2011, xsl

Database as Text Book Replacement   Academics, Curriculum Project Paper, Summer, 2011.

APUS Libraries Online Technological Infrastructure. Presentation for School of Science, Technology & Space Studies, 2011
Online Center for Intel, Science & Technology. Geospatial Intel Community Academic Excellence Program ICCAE, 2011.

Back to the Future: Changing Paradigms for College Textbooks and Libraries (PDF). Campus Technology: eTextbooks|Viewpoint, 5/25/2011. Draft.

Library Strategic Planning 2011 (PDF), Quarterly Reports (PDF)
, 2012, Q3.

YouTube, Media and Copyright for Educational Institutions (PDF), Fair Use Links, 2011.

University and Program Accreditations (2011-2012): Higher Learning Commission (HLC), Distance Education Training Council (DETC), Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, (ABET), Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Online Library Digital Video Prototypes, 2011.

APUS Sakai Online Learning Management System, Faculty Training Certification, April 2011.

Online Classroom Advisory Group (Facebook Example) PDF Overview.

University of West Florida
, 2006 - 2010

UWF Primo Central Implementation Manager, Florida (State) Liaison 2010.

Skylab Information Commons 2010 (Awarded: 167k equip, 100k space, Skylab Manager).

UWF Libraries Digital Literacy Studio 2008.

Books and Bytes:University of West Florida Libraries Weblog: (2007-2010), Weblogs for Academic Libraries Presentation, Weblog Features

SATELITE: A Statistical Analytic Toolkit for Endeca and Library Information Technology Environments v.20 2009, (Rationale) Summary 2008 v.1.0, UWF Site Statistics

UWF Libraries 2008 Task Forces Internal Wiki (Wikimedia), SACS Accreditation, Technology Infrastructure

Anti-Spam System Security:RECAPTCHA for Book Digitization and Online Forms, Wikis and Weblog.

New Online Information Discovery Tools Environmental Scan White Paper (PDF)

Florida Centre For Library Automation White Paper (Statewide Recommendations).

Forms: Kindle Request Form PHP (2010).

UWF Libraries SSN (Social Security Number Card Conversion), University ITS and FCLA (Fall, 2007).

2008 University Budget Requests (PDFs): UWF Libraries Learning Commons: White Paper; Library Digital Initiatives Program and Literacy Studio; IT Departmental Space, Human Resources Needs; University Libraries New Media Centre.

E-Resources for Arab Language & Culture. Mobile Distance Learning Grant Initiative with ATC. Doc, Excel, Results, 2007.

Presentation to University Faculty Committee, 2006-2007 Library Digital Initiatives (ppt.).

University of West Florida 40th Anniversary Virtual Exhibit. Project Proposal (PDF) , Living Visual Architectures Presentation,Pensacola News Journal Feature, "Virtual Exhibit Offers Tour of UWF's Past via Web" (Sept 22, 2007).

2007 Website Redesign, New Site Content Ownership Map and Information Architecture, Web Committee New Design Presentation Endeca, New Catalog Customization , 2009 with Jason Kent Tabbed Search & Image Redesign Prototype (ppt)

Library Digital Literacy Studio/Laboratory Proposal (PDF).

Annual Reports & Activities:2009 Activities, 2008 Activities, 2007 Activities, 2006 Activities.

Strategic Plans: Vision Statement, Dr. D. Sally, Bob Sun and Dr. A Hernandez(PDF). Directions (PDF) with Jeannie Kamerman White Paper Draft (PDF).

Archon. Digital Library and EAD Online Archives. With Melissa Finley Gonzalez and Dean Debolt, Head, Archives and Special Collections.

Metalib, Beta 1, 2, 3. Database MetasearchResource Discovery Tool. With Caroline Thompson, Head of Reference.

West Florida Photohistory Project (Digitool with FCLA) , Palmm Project (UWF Partner with FCLA).

University of West Florida Digital and Learning Technology Workshops and Learning Speaker Series. 2006-2008 John C. Pace Library Learning Technology Classroom (Organizer)

University of Miami
, 2003-2006

The Cuban Rafter Phenomenon: A Unique Sea Exodus. Interactive Multimedia Digital Archive. (Streaming Video/Audio, Flash MX). (U Miami/FIU/St. Thomas Universities) 2004-2005. Collaboration with Dr. Holly Ackerman,Background.

University of Miami Advancement, Honor with Books Donor Website. (E-marketing tool, Honor With Books Campaign),Friends of the Libraries (PDF).

University of Miami Library Website Strategic Assessment.

Richter Library Interface Redesign (First site wide Flash implementation in an ARL University Library: E-Veritas, May, 2003.

Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Academic E-Journal Information Design. (UM Dept. of English, Caribbean Literary Studies, UM Digital Initiatives). In response to 2nd Annual Symposium on Scholarly Communication, Bulletin Board. Collaboration with Jeff Barry, Prudence Layne, Andrea Shaw, Dr. Sandra Pouchet Paquet).

QuestionPoint Interface design, technology implementation of online E-Reference, E-Chat service. Collaboration with Carrie Leslie, Research and Educational Services.

University of Miami Digital Fellows Program 2004. Inception, Conception and Development with Dr. Lyn MacCorkle and Jeff Barry.

SFX Cross database metalinking tool. Open URL database connection system. Interface design. Button Prototypes
Cuban Heritage Collection Projects and Pages. (1, 2, 3, etc.).

University of Miami Library System Site Redesign, Fall, 2003. 400 Static, 2000 dynamic pages, Bulletin Board, E-Veritas
Albert Pick Music Library. Winter, 2003. New Site.

Larry Taylor and Billy Matthews Musical Theatre Archive and Digital Library (Flash Multimedia, Recordings, Scores, Playbills Databases). Presented by Nancy Zavac, American Music Library Association, Washington. 2004). "Multimedia Possibilities, Digital Libraries, Music Archives".

International Digital Archive of Double Bass - streaming MP3 music site with Dr. Lucas Drew.

Information Literacy Online Evaluation. 2004. Form Application , ASP & Flash MX 2004, Faculty Reserves Request Form (PHP)
Very Large Information System Statistics/Analysis. Web Trends.

New UM Richter Library Sites Information Architecture, Visual Redesign (May, 2004) - Princeton Remix. Homepage. New Information Architecture, CSS,  Flash Drop Down Navigation

Research and Creative Work
White Papers, R&D,Interactive Multimedia, Videography and Creative Work)

Academic Research Libraries: Emerging TrendsTrends and Impacts on  Academic and Research Libraries. 2024.

Research Data Repository and AI Learning Center Proposal. 2023.  Mississippi State University. 2023.

How One R1 (Research 1) Institution is Opening the Door to Open.  SirsiDynix MSU Cloudsource Plus Implementation Case Study.  2023        

Camp and The Hyperreal Telenovela in Pedro Almodovar's 'All About My Mother'.  Pop Matters.  25 Septembers, 2023.   

Moving to a Transformative Open Access and Document Delivery Model for Digital Resource Management: Cloudsource+ and Article Galaxy Scholar.  (Brief V.)  L. Pankl, R. Uzwyshyn, A. Winger, C. Austin and P. Huddleston.  University Dean's Presentation.  Mississippi State University, 2023.     

MSU Digitization Lab, Digital Media Center and AI/Data Center Donor Funding Proposal, 2023. 

Mississippi State University Exploration, Research and Learning Environment Proposal (The ERLE). J. Keith, L. Pankl & R.Uzwyshyn. (PDF, PPT). 2023.    

Cabeza de Vaca 1555 Texas History Manuscript Digitization Project (IIIF). Overview Video, July 2018.

The Handmaid's Tale: Season One Structural Overview and Screenplay Analysis. Screencraft: The Craft of Screenwriting. July, 2017 (Draft PDF).

Learning Commons for the New Millennium: Emerging Models and Synthetic Possibilities. Research Proposal, 2016. (Related ppt., 2016).

Online Learning and the Community of Inquiry (Digital Video): Remix, II. For APUS Center for Teaching and Learning (Teaching Excellence for Online Learning, MOOC, 2012).

Can We Get Some Order Here? The Application of Principles of IT Project Management for Online Library Projects. (White Paper, 2012).

Digital Video Portfolio (YouTube). Marketing, e-Learning, Commercial, Academic and Documentary (2009-2013).

Gross Domestic Product of the Top 200 Countries (GDP), Interactive Data Visualization Prototype (2012).

The US Auto Industry in 2013: Five Forces to Consider  Automotive Industries. Vol. 191:3. 2012. pp. 14-16. ISSN:1099-4130.

Reform School for the Teach Act 110 (2): From Serpentine and Unwieldy to Clear and Enforceable. (White Paper) Short Version. 2011.

Reimagining Poetic Modernism through Digital Video: Hart Crane's "The Broken Tower" (1932), 1899-1932 Chronology, Variation.

The Mobile Web  Digital Video Futures Visioning. 2010.

Digital Humanities: William Blake's "Ah Sunflower"(1794) Theme & Variations, II, III, 2011. Theseus and the Minotaur, V.2, 2016.

Exploring Art History & Cultural Heritage through Digital Possibilities. The Botticelli Prototypes (2010): Birth of Venus (1486), La Primavera (1482), Highlights, Picasso's Women: Picasso et Les Femmes (2012), Chauvet-Pont d'Arc: Paleolithic Art (2013), John Biggers: African-American Muralist (2013).

Evolution of Mathematical Thought, Digital Video. The Poincaré Conjecture, The Riemann Hypothesis, Languages of Symmetry, Newton's Trinity Notebooks, Data Analysis, Probability.

Medical Visualization: Pulmonary Pathology Digital Library Prototype (CoolIris/Flickr Web 2.0 API Mashup).

Theme and Variations: Tres Canciones Acerca de Haiti y Republica Dominicana, Trois Chansons de Haiti et de Republique Dominican, Three Songs for Haiti and the Dominican Republic (Digital Video, Batey Relief Alliance, Press, 2009.

Mediated Translations: Reflections on Digital Scholarship, Augmenting Cognition: Knowledge Seeking Tools (Digital Videos 2009) HASTAC Scholars' Forum - Humanities, Arts, Sciences and Technology Advanced Collaboratory on The Digital Humanities (Duke).

Princess of Pensacola. A Weblog celebrating the birth of Maya Sophia Uzwyshyn. Blogger, July 8, 2006.

Internet Social Networking Site: For Booklovers and their Admirers. Partnership with Tangowire, Seattle. April, 2005.

Abelardo Estorino: El arte de vivir contando. An Homage to the Dean of Cuban Playwrights. Spanish language large screen/online presentation.  Collaboration with Dr. Lillian Manzor, Dept. of Foreign Lang. & Lit., U Miami, Cuban/Latino Theater Archive. Presented Cuba, January 2005. (Beta Prototype).

Envisioning a Path to the Future. American Society for Information Science and Technology: Special Interest Group for Visualization Images and Sound. Weblog E-zine: Founder: 2005. 

Digipet Prototype. Industrial Design/Medical Device. Interactive Visual Interface for Children's Diabetes/Insulin Monitoring 2004. (with Susan Wills, MBA).

ASIS&T, Special Interest Group for Visualization, Images and Sound. Website with 3D Online Cognitive Cartography (Click through Typographic space, Subject headings mapped to Cartesian x,y,z, Specs) January 15, 2004.

VisPac: The Visualized Online Public Access Library Catalog (OPAC), 2002, Prototype/Demo, a new visual library OPAC (Specs, Prototype and Documentation Available on request).

Strategic Response: The Corporate Intelligence Knowledge Management System, 2002, Special Library Software Application/Kiosk, available, CD-ROM.

Library Collection Development in Traditional and Digital Library Environments, Internet Site, 2002, http://bellsouthpwp.net/r/u/ruzwyshn/intro.html

3D Virtual Reality Library and Resource Centre, Internet Prototype, available on CD ROM, 2002 (Cyberworlds)

International Art Historical Theft Investigation System (Access Database, 8 MB), also available on CD-ROM, 2002.

In the Houses of the Holy: Cataloging Image-Based Books, LCSH and Authority Control, Internet Site, 2002.

XML for Libraries and Information Centres, Presentation, 2002, http://bellsouthpwp.net/r/u/ruzwyshn/index.html

Digital Library Catalogues, Bibliographies and Dictionaries (Presentation with Sonny Banerjee and Margaret Kipp) 2002.

Computer Graphics for Digital Libraries and Information Centre Interfaces, (Presentation with Sonny Banerjee and Lorelee Parker) 2002.

Pasolini: Requiem (A Long Poem), 2002.

Review of Roman Korohodsky's Dovzhenko v Poloni, Slavic and Eastern European Journal, Vol. 47, #2, Summer, 2003.

Corporate Multimedia Website, (www.hudsonvalleyoptometric.com, August, 2001).

Batey Relief Alliance, 2001 United Nations Haitian Relief Conference, New York(http://www.bateyrelief.org/).

Crushguide International City Guides, Arts/Entertainment Features and Reviews, (www.crushguide.com, Black Book Publishing) (October 2000-March 2001).

Editorial Review, George Liber's Triple Exposure (Dovzhenko biography), 2001. Published as Alexander Dovzhenko: A Life.
London: British Film Institute, 2003. Peer review for Journal of Ukrainian Studies, Spring 2005.

Past New York Flash Multimedia Design Portfolio (1997-2001).

Moon River Flash Self-Portrait (January 2001), CD Rom Portfolio.

Early Film/Art History Online: Alexander Dovzhenko's Silent Trilogy: A Visual Exploration (2000).

Matisse Puzzle (November 2000, Interactive Flash Web Animation).

Vector Ballerinas (October 2000, Interactive Flash Web Animation).

Record E. Publishers Inc.(www.recorde.com, September 2000, K-9 mathematics E-learning company. Infrastructure set in Flash 5, continues as MathStreet, Lincoln Learning Systems).

Corazon de Amor. Caracas, Venezuela: Diario, 2001. (Ghostwritten Historical Romance for Jossy Mansur, Aruba). Written 1999, Published in English as The Awakening Heart. Miami: Hallmark, 2000.

Bateyrelief website. (International humanitarian website for disenfranchised migrant Haitian sugarcane workers in the Dominican Republic: http://www.bateyrelief.org/ (Interactive 1998 original Archived multimedia site).

Sputnik. (Early Interactive Website on Industrial Design, Valentina Gagarin and the First Man in Space) www.urbanwildlife.com/UWZu" (Also featured in New York cybergallery: www.newcenturyschoolbook.com (1998), Currently archived at http://bellsouthpwp.net/r/u/ruzwyshn/HTMLFolder/intro1.html.

Cold War Confidential. Feature Length Screenplay (1998).

Nadja. Long Poem (Poetry Chapbook, 1998, self-published St. Marks Bookstore, NY).

Beata Cycle. Long Poem (Poetry Chapbook, 1997, self-published St. Marks Bookstore, NY).

Daughter of the Chief. Full Length Dramatic Play (1997).

Cold War Confidential. Feature Film Script. (May 1996).

Daughter of the Juice. Full Length Dramatic Play. (1995).

Leni. Full Length Dramatic Play. 1995.

Jelly Roll Blues (1995). Full Length Feature Film Script (May 1995).

A Ukrainian Canadian Christmas Story. Documentary Video. January 1996.

The Mysterious Enigma of Soviet Art. Short Story. Minetta Review. New York. Spring 1995.

New World Aquarium. Experimental Video. Winter 1994.

"Sunlight Dust Falling", "Down Dreaming". (Poetry) New Ink, New York. Spring 1994.

Women of the Earth. (1993). 22 minute Documentary Video (3/4 inch). Awarded Manitoba Arts Council Award, Kostash outstanding historical documentary video award. Shown: Montreal Film Festival, New York’s Anthology Film Archives.

Ukrainian (Canadian) Voice Newspaper Articles
"Halfway Up No Way Down - Exploitation, Business Economics and Ukraine" Ukrainian Voice: Winnipeg, September 1993.
Ourselves Science Activities. MSSS Science Resources(Children’s Science Activities Book): Winnipeg. September 1993.
"Alive and Thriving: Ukrainian Canadian Art". Ukrainian Voice: Winnipeg. April 1993
"Playing with the Sacred Byzantine Iconography and a Manitoba Dental Professor", Ukrainian Voice: Winnipeg. March 1993.
"Alexai Novokivsky: Ukrainian Impressionist on Display", Ukrainian Voice: Winnipeg. February 1993.
"Prairie Fire and the Ukrainian Canadian Writer". Ukrainian Voice: Winnipeg. January, 1993.
"Holod 33" (Film Review), Ukrainian Voice: Winnipeg. December 1993.

To Butterfly, Trotsky in Love, Birds, Make Room For Dada, The Women: New York. 1992 (Five Black and White 16mm film shorts).

"The Tatarniuk Costume Collection": Winnipeg. Documentary Video. May 1991.

"Manitoba Environmental Protocol". (World ‘90 Environmental Conference Handbook). August, 1990.

The Breeze From Owl Lake. 30 minute Flannery O’Connor Screenplay Adaptation.

The Shadow Friend. Film Script. February 1989.

City, Suburban Zoo, The Red Boots. Experimental Film Shorts. December 1988.

"Eloquence and Bingo". (Poem) East Kildonan Herald: Winnipeg. June 1987.

Teaching & Course Development

Absolute Beginners Workshop:  Multimodal Generative AI For Researchers, Learning and Creativity.  (PPT. PDF). 2024.   
Leveraging AI for Academic Research for Teaching Faculty and Graduate Students. v1. PDF, Intermediate Level. 2024.    
Exploring Generative AI for Research and Academic Excellence.  Professors/Student.  v1 PDF,  Introductory Level, 2024  
Texas State University Libraries Open Educational Resources Community of Learning Online Faculty/Graduate Student Course (Canvas). Peer Review. Letter of Appreciation. 2020.
Intro to Information Design (Dreamweaver MX), Spring, 2003. Information Literacy Lab. Interdisciplinary. UM Digital Programs and Prof. Gina Maranto/English. ppts, sample curricula available
Introduction to E-Zine Design (Dreamweaver/Flash, Studio MX), Spring, 2003 - 2004. Class resulted in launch of UM online e-zine Uturn and Dept. of English e-journal Duneshack, Credits
Visual Thinking through Information Design, Summer, 2003. Visual Thinking Strategies Summer Institute Collaboration with School of Education, Art History, Lowe Museum of Art. (Working Educators, k-12, Sample Curricula)
Intro to Information Literacy: Online Databases and Electronic Resources, Summer, 2003, Academic Migrant Student Summer Institute.
Intro to Web Development: Designing Content with Templates, Links and Images. Spring, 2004
Visual Literacy for Redesigning and Studying Public Space. Interdisciplinary Project for Public Spaces. Collaboration with UM Grad. Institute for Public History/Urban Studies/School of Architecture (Dr. Greg Bush, Public History, Prof. Ted Evangelikas, Architecture). Fall, 2004

Training, Professional Development & Certifications

CrewAI.  Certificate in Multi-Agent Systems (Autonomous Agents) LLMs.  DeepLearning.AI Joao Moura/Andrew Ng. 2024
Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (AI RLHF) Training.  AI Large Language Models (LLMs). 2024. Scale AI.
Scopus Digital Metadata Analysis/Impact Factor Citation Analysis Certification Series. 2024.      
Human IRB Compliance Training (Human Subjects Research & Federal Financial Conflict of Interest Training), UT Austin, Feb 2016.
Outcomes and Assessment Plans:Outcomes, Methods & Measures, Assessment, Example, 2014-15 Texas State University.
Certificate in Teaching Online: The Community of Inquiry Framework (Prof. Development Methodology Course, Fall 2012), Overview Video.
Sakai Learning Management System Online Teaching Certification, APUS, 2011.
Certificate in Copyright, Digital Media and Images. Center for Intellectual Property. University of Maryland, 2011.
Certificate in Alice 2.0 Programming. 3D Programming Environment. (Winter, 2008).
Certificates in Stock Evaluation, Analysis and Stock Options. UWF Online Cont. Ed. 2007.
Workshop in Licensing and Purchasing Electronic Resources, Solinet, GCCC, 2006.
Certificate in Theme Park Engineering. UWF Online Cont Ed. Taught by Steve Alcorn (Epcot, Alcorn McBride)

M.L.I.S Graduate Coursework

501 Perspectives on Library and Information Science
502 Organization of Information
503 Information Sources and Services
504 Research Methods and Statistics
505 Information Systems and Technology
506 Management
525 Managing Internet Information Services
558 Database Management Systems and Programming
559 Programming for Library and Information Science Applications
675 Collection Development
593 Classification and Metadata Systems
650 Information Entrepreneurship (Knowledge Management)
669 Information Sources and Services for Business and Industry
711 Electronic Librarian (Information Retrieval/3D Digital Libraries)
713 Information Visualization (HCI/Usability)

Professional Organization Memberships

IFLA - International Federation of Library Associations (Nominated & Elected, IFLA IT Section Standing Committee, Commnications Committee, 2021 - 2025)
CNI - Coalition for Networked Information, 2018 - Current
ALA - American Library Association, 2003- Current. LITA (Library Information Technology Association)
ASIS&T - American Society for Information Science and Technology (2004-2007 Chair, SIG VIS , Envisioning a Path to the Future E-Journal Editor)
IJTPL - International Journal of Technology Policy and Law (Editorial Board Reviewer, 2012)
EDUCAUSE - Association of Higher Education and Intelligent Use of Information Technology, Profile
HASTAC - Humanities, Arts, Sciences and Technology, Advanced Collaboratory
CLA - Canadian Library Association
ARLISNA - Art Libraries Association of North America
DCLA - Dade County Library Association (Florida)
PLAN - Florida Panhandle Libraries Access Network
FlashForward - Interactive Media Designers Group (New York)


Primary: English, Secondary fluency: Ukrainian, French.